Rotary Pancake Races – Europa Flippers

Date: 1st Mar 2019 Author: Simon Longdon

On the 21 February 2019, two groups from Europa ESU took park in the Rotary clubs famous pancake race, the event featured many teams ranging from Sainsburys to the local District post and this year the Europancakes and the Hillbilly flippers took centre stage in hope of raising money for the ST Catherine’s Hospice …

Lead by Nik Acres, both teams took to the race with ease as running was not allowed! We hoped all those hikes would give an advantage to both groups, The rules were simple: walk- sugar- walk lemon-flip-walk, but as we do with everything nothing is ever that simple! Up first were the Hillbilly flippers with Joe, Matt, Oli and Ellie competing against three other teams and despite losing the ‘Hillbilly hat’, miraculously won the first heat.  Before ultimately losing the second heat to the other teams. We expected to do badly but we never expected the level of competitiveness within the teams competing, which lead to some violent tossing, ending up with the pancake being in three separate pieces by the time it reached myself!

The Europancakes; Lizzie, Maddie, Miranda and Neve, however, did not reach the level of success of the Hillbilly flippers, losing their first heat and ultimately spending the rest of the day collecting photos from the event for our Facebook page and trying to have a photo with all the mascots from supporting teams!

Overall, the teams tried but ultimately failed as we always do! Big thank to the rotary club for organising the event and to all the teams for taking part, I’m sure we were just as enjoyable to watch and looked as stupid we all felt (especially whilst wearing the Hillbilly hat!) and next year we’ll be flipping amazing!

Author: Ellie Ratcliffe


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